Edgy Gua Sha
Edgy Gua Sha
Edgy Gua Sha
Edgy Gua Sha

Edgy Gua Sha


Edgy Guasha is for advanced facial sculpting and wrinkle work. 

Guasha is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique and is one of the most effective self-care practices you can learn.

Benefits of regular use:

  • Improved circulation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Enhanced skin tone and elasticity
  • Reduced appearance of expression lines and wrinkles
  • Easing tension and stress
  • Preventing or clearing breakouts

Application: Wash your face. Apply 3-5 drops of your favorite facial oil and massage onto face and neck. 

ShapeThe shape makes it easy to hold and a larger surface area makes it perfect for body work on the shoulders, arms, legs, and back.  

Brand: Essentialist

Material: Cut from natural genuine agate.

Care: Wash after each use. Be very careful when the stone is oily or wet, it will be slippery and can break if dropped.

Sustainability: Brand ships using recyclable packaging. Product is made of stone. 

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